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formal, beach

April 2016


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formal, beach

Silent Cinderella - Prologue

Fandom: YuugiOu
Characters/Ship: Seto and Shizuka +others/Silentshipping
Genre: Romance/Drama
Shizuka wants to get ahead in life. Kaiba just wants to de-stress. Mokuba wants his brother to be happy, and Jou's rather clueless. A tale of a not-so-epic love between Domino's Prince-of-pretty-much-everything and the girl who's rather unsure.



He watched her as she laughed, clinging to her brother as he tried to put space between her and her moronic admirers. He couldn't help but snort. She wasn't anything special.

She was just your average, young, run-of-the-mill school girl. She was small, not fragilely so, with horridly ginger and a smattering of freckles. Her eyes were an odd shade of green and brown mixed together; always darting around looking for that dog of a brother she seemed to care about so much. (The mutt was an idiot and had barely been involved in her life. Was she that desperate for family that she'd cling to him that much? He didn't understand that and didn't care to.)

The girl barely spoke up (he'd always found it irritating that he'd have to strain to hear her), always looked worried (leading to an annoying habit of gasping, biting her thumb or acting like a cheerleader) and never stood up for herself to make Dumb and Dumber back off. (He could only be thankful his own sibling had more spine than that kid.)

They'd said she was like a 'real life Cinderella'. But he couldn't think of her as anything more than a runty little mouse – the only way she was going to get close to being Cinderella-esque was if she made a home in the glass slipper. Knowing the girl though, he'd thought idly as her and her brute of her brother stuffed themselves on his blimp, it was more probable that she was going to get stomped by it. He smiled at the thought.